About me



Discover Indian dance.

In 2002 she was introduced to The sacred dance if India in Kerala India. She studied  Mohiniyattamdance form, under the guidance of her master (guru) Marie-John Kalamandalam for 5 years .

During this time she grew to learn about and love other Indian dance forms. On completion of her training in Mohiniyattam, she set out to continue learning more about Indian dance. In 2005, she explored Bollywood dance fell in love with Indian cinema. She lived in Mumbai performing and working as a dancer in this industry for 5 years.

Since then, she divides her time between teaching, performing and artistic research.

Leaving her heart win Indian dance forms, she returned to India in 2018 to improve her skills and better herself. She trained in Odissi and Rajasthani folk dance during this time.